Welcome to My Journey of Improving My Health

Hello, my name is Angie, and I'm addicted to food.  Seriously, food at times runs my life.  I currently do not have a good relationship with food, but I want to change that.  I have a passion for health, and I know what it takes to be fit and healthy, but I do not always do those things.  Why?  I'm really not sure.  Mindset? Willpower?  I'm hoping to discover much about myself and more about living a healthy lifestyle through this journey.

I have a bachelor of science degree in psychology and a master of science degree in herbology (mostly for my own personal use).  I  have worked as a social worker for more than a decade now, which that alone can take a toll on your health.  I have learned that to work in social work, you need to sometimes take a step back and make sure you are taking care of yourself.  (Social workers are terrible about this.)

I also love running and participating in triathlons.  I have completed three half Ironman distances and someday hope to complete a full Ironman.  I have completed one full marathon (not pretty) and several half marathons (which is my favorite distance).  I also love hiking and camping when the weather is right. 

I am married to the man of my dreams.  He is a runner as well, which helps my motivation tremendously.  We love boating and traveling together.  We want to live on a boat someday, but for now, we spend our weekends on the lake all summer long.

I chose to create this blog, because I want to live a healthier lifestyle than what I currently do, but there are certain things I do not want to give up or am not ready to give up.  I want to see if writing this blog can help me focus more on living this lifestyle and changing my mindset about the unhealthy things I do to my body. I am hoping to relate to those out there that want to live healthier but deal with the same or similar struggles in every day life that keep us from achieving this "optimum health" that we strive for.  I love beer and I love Mexican food, but I love feeling good and looking good.  I want to find a happy medium between these two worlds.

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