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Let's Talk about Keto

The ketogenic diet - it seems to be all the rave right now, but is it just a fad diet? I don't think so. I was introduced to this diet about two years ago. Since I am a runner, I was always told that I need carbs to sustain me during my long runs. I never considered leaving for a 10-mile run without packing a gel to help fuel me along the way.

Then I had a friend who had lost 40 lbs on the ketogenic diet, so I decided to look into this diet phenomenon. Upon a little investigation, I found that this is not really a diet at all but a lifestyle. It is not something that is short-term for quick weight loss. Apparently, this method of eating has several health benefits. I am not going to go into those, since there are thousands of articles out there that describe these benefits, and I'm no medical professional anyway.

However, I will tell about what the diet did for me personally, but keep in mind that this is what it did for me as an individual. Everyone is different and I'm not on here to tell you that it will work for you.

First of all, I loved the idea of losing weight and not starving myself. I learned that calorie counting works for me, but I absolutely hate it! It is tedious, obsessive, and ruins my relationship with food even more. I always felt hungry while calorie counting. I'm sure it was because of margaritas or cake.

What I found with the ketogenic diet was that it focuses on eating more fat, which we know helps us stay full. Yes! I can have bacon and cheese and not feel guilty!! ...But there is always something I have to give up. This time it was sugar, bread, pasta...okay, stay with me here. It sounds much worse than it is.

Luckily, I have found alternatives to everything that I am not able to eat. And actually, I have found it to be fun to come up with new ideas and recipes that are low-carb. I'll share some of the ideas and post recipes in the near future of some of my favorites. It's really not as difficult as you would think once you get used to preparing ketogenic meals.

Back to what this diet has done for me - I have had issues with digestion for several years now. I won't go into details but I will say that my digestion has improved so much since going to the keto lifestyle. I don't know if it was a gluten sensitivity or just the carbs, but I no longer have issues with bloating and gas while on the low-carb diet. My digestion is better than it ever has been. I didn't know I could feel so much better!

I also used to get shaky and crash after a few hours without food. I would get flat-out irritable and bitchy if I did not eat something every 3-4 hours. I would pack snacks with me everywhere I went just to avoid this. Once I started the keto diet, I do not have these crashes anymore. I do not get shaky and foggy like I used to. I don't have that drop in blood sugar anymore.

Once I got past the "keto flu" stage (which actually wasn't terrible) I found that I could go for a long run without my regular fuel like carbohydrate-packed gels. I don't know if it has to do with the low-carb diet or my weight loss (maybe both), but I feel lighter when I run and my pace actually improved. On a side note, I have started using Himalayan pink salt during long runs to replenish electrolytes to avoid cramping and keep from crashing, and it works wonders!

I plan on posting more about my keto journey including ideas, recipes, and other thoughts about my experiences. I hope that I can shine some light on the ketogenic lifestyle for everyone reading this. However, I want to again stress that I am not a medical professional, and what I write is only based on my own personal experiences.


Disclaimer: The Ketogenic Diet may not be for everyone. These results that I have explained are from my own experience. Everyone's bodies are different; therefore, you should not expect to see the same exact results as I have. Please consult a qualified medical professional before changing your diet.

The things I mention in this post are own personal opinions and from my own personal experiences.


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