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Living With Intention

Updated: Jan 18, 2018

What on Earth does "living with intention" mean? I wasn't sure of the answer to this question until I listened to some podcasts from The Minimalists. I stumbled upon minimalism while scrolling Pinterest getting ideas to declutter my home. I then watched one of The Minimalists videos on YouTube and was so intrigued that I started listening to their podcasts. From listening to them, I found that there is so much more that can come out of decluttering my home and my life. They spoke about living with intention and putting more value into meaningful things rather than just stuff. Wow! This is how I want my life to look! Less stuff and more enjoyment out of life.

With this realization, now what I would like to do is be more conscious of my actions from day to day that I normally do not consider. For example, my purchasing habits. I would like to purchase things only as needed and not as wanted. Having a different perspective on spending, I am able to go into a store and not be swayed by all of the advertisements and "stuff" that I don't really need. Since changing this mindset, I have almost eliminated my online shopping (for things for me anyway, since we just finished the holidays). I don't click on my junk emails that boast "50% off everything on our site, just click here!" I simply delete them without another thought. It feels so freeing. I really do not need more "stuff" coming into my home as it is. I am trying rid it from all of the stuff I don't use or need.

Another aspect of purchasing habits is what I do spend my money on. I've always been a bargain shopper, and I always want to get the most for my money and I have to buy groceries. I'm a huge fan of Aldi for groceries. I admire their values and love their deals. It is so simple too.

I don't have several brands to try to choose from, but just one, which is enough. This makes my grocery shopping experience much more pleasant and enjoyable. Also, they have quite a selection of organic goods. I try to buy organic when possible, but it is difficult when I live in a community where those options are limited or sometimes unavailable, especially during the winter when there are no farmer's markets.

As far as clothes go, I am at a stage where I really won't need new clothes for a while, but when I do need some new items, I try not to purchase brand new items. There are so many clothing brands out there that use sweatshops, and since I'm not aware of all of them, I try to buy used clothes as much as possible. I'm a big online shopper, so I have fallen in love with Thredup. It is a company that people can send their clothes to to get money, store credit, or even donate the money to their favorite charity. Then they sell the clothes at thrift shop prices. And they have a Thredup app, which makes it super easy to use. I have made most of my clothing purchases from there in the last two years, and have found some pretty cute items. Also, buying used clothes makes less waste.

That brings me to talk about being less wasteful and having as little of a footprint as possible. I mentioned Aldi above, which has you buy your own sacks or bring your own with you. I normally just bring my own reusable bags. I have gotten so used to doing this (even before I started shopping at Aldi) that I feel bad now if I have to walk out with the store's plastic bags full of my purchases. I just keep a collection of my own bags in the trunk of my car, since they don't take up much space, for whenever I need them. I feel like every little bit counts when reusing and making less waste. Just think of all of the plastic bags that have not had to be produced, because people are reusing bags.

There can be so many interpretations of what living with intention is. It is a very individual concept and I believe you have to find your own meaning. One idea that I would suggest that could probably fit into most people's meaning is to love people. That may sound so simple and generic, but sometimes it is difficult to do. Humans can be judgmental toward other humans all of the time. I am guilty of this. It is human nature to judge one another, but it takes a higher intellectual intelligence and awareness to acknowledge when we do this and a desire to change it for the better. This is something I definitely want to work on for myself.

Just be nicer to people. I feel like I am typically a nice person, but there is always room for growth. Empathy goes a long way. Everyone has their own "stuff" they are dealing with, so I'm going to work more on seeing that in people when they may not react "how I think they should." One of the main reasons why I decided to write this blog was not only that I love health and fitness, but I want to relate to people who are on the same struggle bus as me. I have this desire to learn more and more about how to take care of my body, but dang it, I also have that desire to let it go at times. We are all living our own life with it's day-to-day challenges, and I want to recognize that more when I'm responding to others around me.

So my point of this post is to overall be more aware of my actions both toward people and toward everything else in my environment. Every little conscious action counts, and every small act of kindness matters to someone.

How will you live with intention?

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