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My Applied Kinesiologist is My Miracle Worker!

Updated: May 13

I had heard of applied kinesiology but was not quite sure what it was until I had my first visit with a practitioner. I still am not completely sure what it does or how it works, but I do know that it has helped my body tremendously since I started going.

I was at a women's conference when I spotted a booth advertising a new yoga studio in town. It peaked my interest, so I approached one of the ladies at the booth. She identified herself as the chiropractor and applied kinesiologist at the facility, Dr. Lindsey Stauffer. She explained what the facility and what she offered in services. I took her information, because I had been having issues with my hip and my foot that never seemed to get much relief from my regular chiropractor visits.

I emailed the Dr. Lindsey about a week later to schedule an appointment. She asked me to come in a few minutes early to fill out paperwork before the appointment. The initial appointment would take about an hour.

So I arrived early and started on the paperwork. It was very detailed and she wanted to know most everything about my lifestyle down to what I had to eat within the last 24 hours. I thought to myself, "This is it! This is how healthcare should be!" A doctor was actually wanting to know about ME as an individual! However, I had not eaten anything healthy at all within the last 24 hours, which was embarrassing to disclose here on my initial visit.

After filling out the paperwork, Dr. Lindsey had me come in, and she went through all of the questions I had answered and asked about each one. Of course, I had to explain that I don't eat pizza and cookies every day of my life and that I normally try to eat healthier than that. She smiled as if half believing me.

Dr. Lindsey spent about a half hour getting to know me and my body by talking about my lifestyle choices. She asked about the problems I had mentioned in my paperwork, and then moved onto doing work on my body. She had me stand facing the wall and she could see the alignment of my body. I did not have to undress except for my shoes and jewelry. She could feel that I had one hip higher than the other, which I was aware of from going to past chiropractors.

The doctor then did what is called muscle testing where she would have me push against her hand as she pushed against it either with my leg or my arm in different directions. By doing this, she could tell where I had weaknesses in my body, since each area corresponds with different parts of the body. She explained how the entire body is connected and she can see if there is an issue with, for instance, my liver if I had a specific muscle that seemed to be weak. I still cannot even begin to understand it all. As she was going through testing different muscles, I was trying to keep up with what she was doing, but it is just way too far over my head, but at the same time, very fascinating.

Dr. Lindsey would also have me touch a spot on my body, known as a pressure point, or turn my head a certain direction, while she tested a muscle to see if that made a difference. She was able to touch an area and ask if that was sensitive. When it was, she would touch another pressure point and the sensitivity would at times be lessened or completely gone. I can't even begin to understand this.

Dr. Lindsey then tried a couple of herbs and/or supplements in my mouth to see how my body responded to them. She then did some muscle testing with an herb on my tongue and could tell if my body responded well to each.

The doctor then did some adjustments to my body and some more muscle testing. As she was doing this, it was like she was trying to solve a puzzle. It was not like a typical chiropractor visit when most of the time, the chiropractor goes through the same adjustments with me and then has a very quick routine spending about 10 minutes at the most with me. This doctor wanted to figure out what was going on and wanted to fix it. She could tell where there were areas of my body that were not functioning as they should.

Then the true test of all of this was the days (and nights) ahead. I went back to see Dr. Lindsey the next week and then a couple more times every two weeks after that. Before seeing her, my hip would ache at night causing me to lose sleep and toss and turn. After starting to see her, I had no more hip pain at night. My hip pain while running decreased over time to nothing. Since I am a runner, I still get my body out of alignment, so every once in a while, I go see her again.

I have also suffered from plantar faciitis in my right foot for a few years, and it is still there but has gotten much less painful to where most of the time I do not even notice it. Before I started seeing the applied kinesiologist, most mornings I could not even put the heel of my foot down for at least 30 minutes upon getting out of bed. I no longer have that problem.

I never feel like it is a temporary fix when I see Dr. Lindsey. I feel like she wants to find a solution to my problems I am having. It does not end with just body alignment either. I have had digestive issues that she has helped me with as well. She also recommends supplements that my body responds well to but is never pushy about selling them.

I feel like this doctor is what healthcare should be. So many doctors treat their patients the same as if they all have the same lifestyle and the same bodies. Many treat symptoms and do not even consider finding out what is actually causing those symptoms. I have never had a doctor sit down with me and actually talk about my diet, my activity, how I treat my body, and my overall wellness.

Our bodies are so complex, and everything in our bodies are connected to another area of our bodies. For instance, my knee pain could have something to do with my stomach. (I don't know if that's accurate but just using it as an example.) Anyway, that is how complex our bodies are, and doctors like this applied kinesiologist know all of these strange little things about how the body is connected. I won't even try to understand it all, but there really is something to it.

If you are having issues that you cannot seem to get taken care of, I highly recommend finding an applied kinesiologist near you and trying it out. Mine has helped me with my ongoing hip pain, other pains that have come up from running, and also some digestive issues.

I say in the title that she is a "miracle worker," and that is just what she is to me. Applied kinesiology may not work for some problems. I do not know enough about it to say any more than that I have become a believer in the use of it for the treatment of my own body. I also love having a doctor that treats me holistically and wants to find the root of the problem and get it taken care of. That is what I consider to be good medical treatment.

Disclaimer: Applied kinesiology may not be effective for every health problem. These results that I have explained are from my own experience. Everyone's bodies are different; therefore, you should not expect to see the same exact results as I have.

I am also not discrediting any other doctors or chiropractors. The things I mention in this post are own personal opinions and from my own personal experiences.

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