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Recipes for My Two Favorite Skin Products

Years ago I crossed over into the world of natural living. Since then I have gradually come back into the chemical life for factors such as ease and cost. I found it hard at times to find products that were truly natural. Sure, they said natural on the label, but when I would take a closer look at the label, they were nothing but that. That was when I decided to start making my own products for my own use. I made all kinds of stuff at the time, but there are two that I continue to make, because I can't let go of them.

Lip Balm

First of all, I'm addicted to lip balm. When I say addicted, I mean if I can't find it in my purse, I start showing signs of an anxiety attack and not-so-easy-on-the-ears words leave my mouth. With that being said, I'm also very finicky about my lip balm. I can't stand those thin, greasy feeling balms that last about 20 minutes on your lips until you've consumed them. And yes, that is where lip balm goes. You eat it. That brings up another point. If you eat most of your lip balm, you probably want the ingredients to actually be edible, especially if you're like me and you wear it all of the time. (I just had to pause to put on some lip balm.) I had tried some different ways to make it but found a simple 4 ingredient recipe that has stuck with me ever since.

Here's the recipe for my lip balm:

2 tsp beeswax

7 tsp castor oil

1/2 tsp honey

5 drops of either sweet orange essential oil or peppermint essential oil

Melt the oil and beeswax until the beeswax is melted. Remove from heat and then add honey. Whisk it all together. When the mixture starts to cool and become more solid, then add the essential oil mixing it into the mixture. Then pour the mixture into a lip balm pot.

I have found that microwaving at medium power works fine. Just do not microwave with the honey or the essential oil. Be sure not to overheat it in the microwave. I check it about every 10-15 seconds and stir it until the beeswax is completely melted in the castor oil.

Cocoa Butter Body Balm

I love using this body balm in the winter when my knuckles on my hands start cracking. This is a "balm" for the fact that it is more solid than a regular lotion. It is thick and melts to your skin when applied. This is mostly used for very dry areas. I also like to use it on my legs after they are freshly shaved to add some protective moisture back into them. It's also great for dry patches, such as on the knees, elbows, and heels. When I make this body balm, it usually lasts quite a while, since I don't have to use much with it being so thick.

Here's the recipe for cocoa butter body balm:

1/2 cup grated cocoa butter

2 Tbs of coconut oil

6 Tbs of sunflower oil

6 Tbs of grated beeswax

Melt all of the ingredients in the microwave on medium power until melted. Stir the mixture until it cools. Keep stirring until it starts to become creamy and more solid. Then spoon it into a jar. Essential oil of your choice can be added if you prefer the balm to be scented.

I find it satisfying to create something that I can get use out of and know everything that is in it. There are no questions about hidden ingredients or how this product has been tested. It's my own.

I hope you can get the same value out of these recipes that I have or modify them to your own liking. Find what works for you.

Disclaimer: I am not a professional; therefore, any information that I provide should not be taken as professional health advice but is my own personal opinion and from my own personal experiences. These products above have worked for my skin but may not work for everyone. Please use caution when using essential oils as they are very pure and can sometimes cause reactions.

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